Practical approach

Developing a System Portal for (offshore) Windfarms

The development of a 'standard' Windturbine System Portal can have draw a lot of attention from companies that want to develop a Through-Life Exploitation and Maintenance System based on this standard. These companies can range from specialized software developers with extensive knowledge of wind turbines to companies that perform situational maintenance (based on machine diagnosis).

Modern maintenance concepts are the basis for Through-Life Asset Management Control, supported by web-based computer applications. Based on these reasons ATO NH has proposed to develop a generic System Portal based on available knowledge and practical experience. This System Portal will be made available as a web-based application to actors in the offshore wind industry.

The Windturbine System Portal is offered as a ready-to-go web-based application. A user only has to supply company specific imformation and the Windturbine System Portal will take care of the rest, like maintaining the LCM-model. The acquisition, maintenance and phasing out of assets is structured based on a generic model and refined for the required materiel readyness at minimal costs.

Many companies will find the 'customizing' of a generic Windturbine System Portal an interresting option, ginving a personal 'look and feel' to many of the applications windows. This can be realized fairly simply because the model is supplied from a central ASP (Application Service Provider) web server. This also means a minimal system management effort on location.

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